Shay Quin,
Author and Entrepreneur

Writing keeps me young. My characters are my imaginary friends and I’m lucky enough to give them a voice and make them real.

Shay Quin grew up in a military family and went to a new school every year from first grade until high school. As the perpetual new kid, she developed a love for reading, writing and making new friends of all backgrounds. At seventeen, Shay graduated from high school with her cosmetology license. She worked behind the chair and as a manager for corporate salons until she opened her own

Shay Quin, Author and Entrepreneur

Marrying Mars

A Romantic Comedy


Finding the Words


Cruise Control


Character Development


an excerpt....

My whole life I’ve tried to play things safe, but I’m learning that life means taking risks. 

I’ve always liked this quote by Abe Lincoln, but it never really registered until recently. 

‘In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.’ 

By the look of that obstacle course, I’m off to a good start, so wish me luck. 

I have a feeling I’m going to need it.” 

—Billie Sky

Author and Entrepreneur

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Writing Inspiration

When I first decided to write Marrying Mars, I knew I wanted it to be authentic. My main character worked at a copper mine, so I took my boys down to the copper mine tour outside of Tucson, and we were able to see

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Family Vacation

Brian’s daughter lives in Colorado Springs, and we are taking a trip to see her. I find it interesting that Brian lived there before returning to Arizona. Ten years ago I had put a deposit down on an apartment in the Broadmoor area of

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Why is exercise so easy to give up? I find that if I can get through the first few workouts, it becomes a habit; I will go to the gym regularly, and almost crave the break in my day. With that being said…why is

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My mom realized early on in my high school career that I wasn’t going to be an academic. She entered me in a dual enrollment program through my high school that allowed me to go part of the day to cosmetology class. That’s how

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The online struggle is real

I watch my oldest son struggling to learn the platforms for seventh grade online learning through this COVID crisis, and honestly, I’m right there with him. There are teachers trying to get students to sign onto different programs outside of their regular classroom, meaning

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Am I Wrong?

I have no self-control when it comes to food, despite how much I pretend I do when I’m around my kids. I encourage them to eat healthy meals and don’t let them have a lot of soda or sugary things.  However, yesterday, for dinner

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What’s in a Brand?

I was recently asked what my brand will be as an author, and I literally had no idea. It was so much easier to build a brand for my salon. I wanted something friendly, and what’s more friendly than “Hello?” I wanted bright colors,

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Asking For A Friend Now Available

The first romance novel I ever read was a Danielle Steel title, Zora. I was curious about the rows of romance titles on my grandmother’s bookshelf and the name sounded so exotic. After reading and loving the large book, I shelved my RL Stine

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Shay Quin - Priorities


I’m Guilt of Being a Work-a-holic Oftentimes I’m juggling several different things at once. I recently opened a new hair salon and it has required long days from me. I struggled with finding a healthy life/work balance at first. This journey really made me

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