Shay Quin,
Author and Entrepreneur

Writing keeps me young. My characters are my imaginary friends and I’m lucky enough to give them a voice and make them real.

Shay Quin grew up in a military family and went to a new school every year from first grade until high school. As the perpetual new kid, she developed a love for reading, writing and making new friends of all backgrounds. At seventeen, Shay graduated from high school with her cosmetology license. She worked behind the chair and as a manager for corporate salons until she opened her own

Shay Quin, Author and Entrepreneur

Marrying Mars

A Romantic Comedy


Finding the Words


Cruise Control


Character Development


an excerpt....

My whole life I’ve tried to play things safe, but I’m learning that life means taking risks. 

I’ve always liked this quote by Abe Lincoln, but it never really registered until recently. 

‘In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.’ 

By the look of that obstacle course, I’m off to a good start, so wish me luck. 

I have a feeling I’m going to need it.” 

—Billie Sky

Author and Entrepreneur

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Asking For A Friend Now Available

The first romance novel I ever read was a Danielle Steel title, Zora. I was curious about the rows of romance titles on my grandmother’s bookshelf and the name sounded so exotic. After reading and loving the large book, I shelved my RL Stine

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Shay Quin - Priorities


I’m Guilt of Being a Work-a-holic Oftentimes I’m juggling several different things at once. I recently opened a new hair salon and it has required long days from me. I struggled with finding a healthy life/work balance at first. This journey really made me

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Shay Quin -Uno Purse

Just Say Yes

What’s with this COVID hell? It’s definitely a soul sucking situation and really puts a lot of things into perspective. When things clear up, I want to focus more time on saying yes to new experiences to make up for all the no’s I’ve

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Shay Quin - Solo


I’ve met many people that say they don’t like to do things alone. I wouldn’t call myself a selfish person, but I LOVE alone time. It’s one of the many things that I make time for. I think it’s important to have things to

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First Date with Shay Quin

I realize that many of you don’t know much about me. I decided to answer some questions recommended for a first date. If we were sitting across from each other at the table there’s a 99% chance that I ordered something chicken. Here we

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The Tipping Point

2020 has been a struggle for a variety of reasons. I have to admit that I’m behind in all aspects of life. I’m still attending classes online, but at a slower pace. I opened a salon in February and a month later it was

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Cruise Control

I have the worst luck with cars. I can’t even remember how many cars I’ve gone through since I was sixteen. I’ve had purple, periwinkle, red, white and cars in almost every color. Most I have lost due to mechanical issues like our most

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Character Development

When I began writing this story, I knew I wanted my main character to have a career in science. I played with the idea of her being an engineer or an astrophysicist. Those didn’t coincide with my preference for her to live in Arizona.

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My Inspiration

Where did the inspiration come from for Marrying Mars? It started with a rumor. Around five years ago I saw it mentioned in a forum that a private company was planning to colonize Mars by using a reality TV show to fund it. What?!

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