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The first romance novel I ever read was a Danielle Steel title, Zora. I was curious about the rows of romance titles on my grandmother’s bookshelf and the name sounded so exotic. After reading and loving the large book, I shelved my RL Stine Fear Street novels and devoured as many romance titles that I could get my hands on. I soon graduated to romantic movies and fell in love with classics like Bridget Jone’s Diary and My Best Friend’s Wedding. I’ve probably seen every romantic comedy created since 1990 forward.

I was a closet romanticist for years. I’m more of a realist by nature though I err on the side of goofy rather than a dry sense of humor. You can’t imagine the looks I received when I said I was publishing a romantic comedy. Many people didn’t even know I was an aspiring author.

A tom boy at heart, the look was similar to the one I received when I started my career as a cosmetologist. My mom had to corner me in the bathroom to get makeup on me for prom. I didn’t even like to comb my hair, and to be honest…I still don’t. Who cares what my hair looks like as long as I make everyone else’s look good, right?

I write about myself and life experience because many times I will take real life and use that to develop a character, or a situation for my stories. I feel it’s important to ground people with relatable moments despite the ridiculous situations my characters might find themselves in.

Not to give anything away, but I will just offer this little tidbit… When I was nineteen I was a cappuccino mascot for a local coffee house. Every morning my boyfriend (at the time) would pass me on his way to school but didn’t know that it was me dancing around on the corner.  If you haven’t read Asking for a Friend yet, then you will have to pick it up to understand the reference.

This novella isn’t traditional in the sense of starting where the couple meets and falls in love. They’ve already been together, and were friends before lovers. Relationships are messy, and I wanted to showcase some issues that may come up when there are issues with communication between a couple. Jade and Robert have quite the hilarious journey ahead. I wanted characters that were real, flawed to navigate some unorthodox situations. I tossed in a cute dog to make this your perfect afternoon read. Enjoy!

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