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Writing Inspiration

When I first decided to write Marrying Mars, I knew I wanted it to be authentic. My main character worked at a copper mine, so

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Family Vacation

Brian’s daughter lives in Colorado Springs, and we are taking a trip to see her. I find it interesting that Brian lived there before returning

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Why is exercise so easy to give up? I find that if I can get through the first few workouts, it becomes a habit; I

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My mom realized early on in my high school career that I wasn’t going to be an academic. She entered me in a dual enrollment

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The online struggle is real

I watch my oldest son struggling to learn the platforms for seventh grade online learning through this COVID crisis, and honestly, I’m right there with

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Am I Wrong?

I have no self-control when it comes to food, despite how much I pretend I do when I’m around my kids. I encourage them to

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Shay Quin - Priorities


I’m Guilt of Being a Work-a-holic Oftentimes I’m juggling several different things at once. I recently opened a new hair salon and it has required

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Shay Quin -Uno Purse

Just Say Yes

What’s with this COVID hell? It’s definitely a soul sucking situation and really puts a lot of things into perspective. When things clear up, I

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