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Shay Quin - Priorities


I’m Guilt of Being a Work-a-holic Oftentimes I’m juggling several different things at once. I recently opened a new hair salon and it has required

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Shay Quin -Uno Purse

Just Say Yes

What’s with this COVID hell? It’s definitely a soul sucking situation and really puts a lot of things into perspective. When things clear up, I

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Shay Quin - Solo


I’ve met many people that say they don’t like to do things alone. I wouldn’t call myself a selfish person, but I LOVE alone time.

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The Tipping Point

2020 has been a struggle for a variety of reasons. I have to admit that I’m behind in all aspects of life. I’m still attending

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Cruise Control

I have the worst luck with cars. I can’t even remember how many cars I’ve gone through since I was sixteen. I’ve had purple, periwinkle,

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My Inspiration

Where did the inspiration come from for Marrying Mars? It started with a rumor. Around five years ago I saw it mentioned in a forum

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Finding the Words

How do I find the time? This is a popular question I’m asked when I tell people I’m an aspiring writer. Being a mother of

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