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How do I find the time? This is a popular question I’m asked when I tell people I’m an aspiring writer. Being a mother of two boys, a student and working as a self-employed hairstylist are just a few of the important tasks occupying my time and attention. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day, but I’m always aware of life slipping by. Hard to forget when my oldest is almost taller than me, and my little can read me chapter books now. I’m a strong believer of living by example and if my boys remember me for anything, it will be that if I made a decision to do something, I followed through. “No one could take it from me.”

I began writing my novel during a stressful time. Creating Marrying Mars was my escape. I found my sense of humor, and it felt good to have something I looked forward to doing. Writing Billie’s story gave me a purpose that was only mine. No one could take it from me.

The question that changed my life.

Downsizing after divorce was a lot of change for my family. I’d been twiddling with the idea of going back to school to find a job with a more stable income, but the time never felt right. One evening after a long work day I picked up my boys and wanted to treat them to a dinner out which had been one of our major spending cutbacks. I inquired about what they wanted and Tyler asked something that changed my life. “Can we afford this?” He was only nine. I didn’t want my kids to worry that I couldn’t buy them dinner.

I applied to Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University the next day. After I was accepted I applied for a scholarship with a PEO chapter in Phoenix and they helped me with my first semester . The support from these loving, generous and encouraging women was overwhelming. They gave me the push to finish my degree and I only have a few semesters to go now! I settled into my new schedule and realized my degree was for my family, but I needed to do something for myself. I had to finish my writing journey and publish Marrying Mars.
Writing is my passion”

Most parents want their kids to reach for the stars. I’m trying to teach my kids about responsibility and staying true to themselves. Writing is my passion and has been since elementary school when I used my mother’s typewriter to create a story about a witch. I’ve gotten this far thanks to time management and setting priorities. I’m never too busy to spend time with my family, even if it means getting up an hour earlier the next day to get in my writing goal.

I appreciate your support.

Not everyone enjoys reading or romantic comedies, chances are you know someone that does. The biggest compliment I could receive is your recommendation. Spread the word

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