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Where did the inspiration come
from for Marrying Mars?

It started with a rumor. Around five years ago I saw it mentioned in a forum that a private company was planning to colonize Mars by using a reality TV show to fund it. What?! I became interested in the whole idea of a colony on Mars. It wasn’t long after that I watched Space X land a returning space rocket successfully on a platform in the middle of the ocean. 

Then came The Bachelor.Who are these people?”

I started watching The Bachelor around season eleven. Back then they cast real people looking for love and not characters that would bring ratings. If I had to choose my favorite season, I would say Jason Mesnick season thirteen. I remember watching and wondering…

1. Who are these people? The women didn’t seem off their rockers, but they allowed themselves to be put in these challenging situations all because of the idea of love. 

2. When was I going to New Zealand? It looked AMAZING, and I’m still obsessed with going. This is when I ask you to buy five copies of my book to help fund my trip. Just kidding.. (Maybe).

The love created on dating shows could only be an illusion created by the setting, but how many times have you heard a story of love at first sight? It’s rare but possible. Otherwise, why would all these reality dating shows exist? The hope for love is strong, and it doesn’t matter who you are…everyone wants to be loved.

What if you had the power to control what was happening on one of these shows? How cool would it be if you could vote for dates, challenges and have input on eliminations like you can on The Voice? That’s where the inspiration of Marrying Mars sprouted, but the love of a man wasn’t enough. I wanted driven, successful and capable women that also had the chance to advance their careers. After tossing in a few obstacle challenges to prove they had what it took to survive on Mars, I had a premise. I will delve a little into each character next week. Stay tuned and stay lovely. 


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