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My mom realized early on in my high school career that I wasn’t going to be an academic. She entered me in a dual enrollment program through my high school that allowed me to go part of the day to cosmetology class. That’s how I was able to graduate with my license and diploma.

By nineteen I had my own car, my own apartment, and was fully capable of supporting myself. Was I wise with money? No. Did I prepare for the future so I didn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck? Of course not! School hadn’t prepared me for real world problems, and I didn’t know how to budget, file my taxes, or balance my bank account. I did learn how to sew a dress that was so short my mom wouldn’t let me wear it. (I totally fit that dress, Mom).

 I’m not saying that I don’t think school is a necessary thing, I just feel that real-life skills need to be taught. Not everyone is going to college to be an engineer, so why geometry? Teach them some social skills instead, so they’re able to make eye contact, take pride in their work, or be able to answer questions with confidence instead of just shrugging and fidgeting. 

Sophomore year should be a time for students to choose a path. If they knew it was okay to pick a trade instead of being forced into a college education, maybe there’d be less debt and partially completed degrees.

There should be more entrepreneurial classes taught in our high schools. Regardless of if you go into business for yourself or work for someone else there will always be someone you have to prove yourself to.

 It’s amazing how almost everything, including most schools and universities, have become a business. Why do you think tuitions keep increasing? Who benefits most from keeping up the guise that a college education is required to be successful? Not the majority of the current work force. I’m not saying school isn’t important or necessary, because it absolutely is for certain programs like engineering, marketing, or biology. I’m not going to list any of the many programs that I think are more “learn on the job” type of degrees, but I’m sure you can name a few without my help. It never hurt anyone to have additional time to explore all career paths.

I’m thankful to my mom for recognizing what I needed, even when I didn’t know it at the time…options.



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