What’s in a Brand?

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I was recently asked what my brand will be as an author, and I literally had no idea. It was so much easier to build a brand for my salon. I wanted something friendly, and what’s more friendly than “Hello?” I wanted bright colors, and a focus on the community, so I incorporated the small town feel into my teal and yellow design choices.  The process was simple. Who am I as an author? That’s a lot harder. 

Well, I’m not only a romance writer. My writing is definitely more character driven, but usually encases some kind of humor. I honestly don’t do it on purpose. I find relatable situations and when I write about them, more often than not, it’s naturally funny. Not always a belly laugh kind of outrageous funny, but more of a “heh, that’s amusing af because it’s true.” 

Life isn't supposed to be serious.

Life isn’t supposed to be serious. Actually, I think being able to see the humor in even the darkest of circumstances only makes someone stronger, and able to endure more. Surviving, evolving, and growing up are part of what makes us human.

I thought about other women that have brands. Oprah built a brand on human empathy. Reese Witherspoon has built her “Hello Sunshine” brand on uplifting women’s voices. There’s Gwyneth Paltrow who built her brand on…hmmm I’m not sure. All I know is the candle she had on her site labeled as “My Vagina” sold out. Oprah and Reese seem authentic, in that their brands match their personalities.


Lately, in the news, we hear that Ellen DeGeneres has been portraying a different person for her brand than who she actually is behind the scenes. I’m still waiting for more information to emerge before I have an opinion, but the situation reminds me of that show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. There’s a comedian on there who has built a brand on being overweight and obnoxious. Behind the scenes she is tiny wearing a fat suit on stage), quiet, and vicious in nature. I definitely didn’t want a brand that doesn’t reflect who I am as a person.

I bounced around a few ideas for brand, and narrowed it down to two. The first was “It’s complicated.” I thought of something like the preferences on FB for life status. My son said it sounded stuck up, and if you’ve seen my minivan you know I’m anything but that.  Option number 2 it is.

Here goes… “Shay Quin-Always real. Never boring.” 


Checkout Marrying Mars

Checkout Marrying Mars


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Asking For
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